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$ 18.00

A fresh mix of Watermelon's & Cucumber with a splash of sweet citrus.  This mix is properly named after the Goddess of Spring, Ostara.  20 PG / 80 VG..


$ 18.00

Yuletide is our take on the beloved Peppermint Latte. Chocolate, coffee and peppermint. This will be available on a limited basis so get it while you can!..


$ 18.00

Pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting...


$ 18.00

Rich and decadent Vanilla Bourbon Custard..

I Love You So Much

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) I Love You So Much is a take on gooey, melty fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. 25pg/75vg..

Odin's Mead

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Odin’s Mead is a tribute to the All Father who drank the Mead and shared his knowledge with mankind. While we can't guarantee you'll become as.....


17 Reviews
$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) A frosty blend of watermelon and blackberry. (Menthol)   30pg/70vg..

Asgard-The Realm Eternal

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Asgard Sweet rice cereal with rich creamy milk and bursting with fruity flavor. 20pg/80vg..

All Father

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) All Father, or Odin, has all the knowledge in the universe. We took all the most delicious ingredients within this realm to craft the most decadent.....

Bearded Bastard

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Bearded Bastard is a sophisticated blend of tobaccos with rich custardy undertones, a touch of citrus & a dash of anarchy! This blend was inspired by.....

Cloud Beard

$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Cloud Beard was extracted directly from the cumulus clouds in the heavens. Tropical fruits and apricot lend this high VG juice a balanced and subtle flavor.....

Strawberry Valhalla

43 Reviews
$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Strawberry Valhalla will have you thinking you may have died and went to Valhalla to experience such perfection. This Creamy coconut blend is infused with sweet.....


14 Reviews
$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Valkyrie is a tribute to the goddesses of Norse Mythology who were responsible for deciding the fate of man. A daunting task indeed that resulted in.....

Grandpa's Beard

67 Reviews
$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Grandpa’s Beard combines everything we love about Papa including pipe tobacco, sweet cream, butterscotch candies, with a dash of respect.  40pg/60vg   ..


27 Reviews
$ 18.00

(60ml $0.30/ml) (120ml $0.28/ml) Valhalla is a smooth yet complex blend that is both sweet and aromatic upon inhale followed by a creamy coconut on the exhale. This delicacy of.....