Spending Reward Points

Lately we have received several inquiries from customers asking how to spend the points they have earned through our rewards system. This is a tutorial on how to check, spend, and use your points.

In order to accept reward points you must create an account on our store. If you already have an account use your credentials to sign into the rewards system located on the left side at the bottom of the page.

A Pop-up will appear prompting you to log in or create an account.

You will be led to this page asking for your login information:

You will be returned to the main page when successfully logged in. Now, click on the rewards button and to see you balance. If you have enough points to claim a reward you will see the option to redeem the points.

At this time you may choose to claim a discount or continue to accumulate points for a greater reward. If you choose to redeem, simply click REDEEM and verify your choice. A code will be displayed that can be used at checkout in the discount code box. Don't worry if you forget to copy and paste the code, an email will be sent containing the code in case you aren't ready to use it.

Also, purchases are not the only method of earning points. Click on the EARN POINTS tab to find out other ways you can accumulate points!





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