Cotton For Drippers/Rebuildables


What's the big deal?

 This post is mainly for vapers using Rebuildable Atomizers/RDAs/RBAs sometimes referred to as a "dripper." While it may seem easy to pick up a big bag of cotton balls from the grocery store it's actually not that simple. Cotton is processed with the final product usage in mind. That means a lot of cotton is not intended to be heated up and often contains chemical byproducts from the processing and bleaching. It's important to note than even organic cotton has undergone a bleaching process unless it is a color other than bright white.

The good news is, not all cotton is processed in this manner. VTA went on a mission several months ago to find unprocessed chemical free and unbleached cotton. We have found that source and the greatest part of all is that the source is right here in the USA! Not only did we find unprocessed cotton, we found truly organic locally grown and harvested cotton! That means free of the harmful herbicides and pesticides used in growing crop plants like cotton.


All cotton is not treated equally!

Organic Red Wicking Cotton is proof that a certain cotton can achieve the once unobtainable property of having no taste or effect on flavor. That’s right, no cotton taste, ever! This is an experience that truly opened our eyes to look at what we had been using before very differently. Most cotton must be broken-in or left to sit to absorb. Our cotton provides great flavor instantly and it absorbs a lot quickly. That means less dripping and more vaping!

While it may not look like your everyday cotton we can assure you it’s not, it is much better than any other cotton on the market that we have tried. Simply put, you gotta try it, right now!

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