What's New With VTA?

We are happy to announce the construction of our new lab is complete! We now have a sealed clean room with state of the art filtration. The inside is furnished with stainless steel tables and equipment. We want our customers to see that Vapor Technologies is a company that plans to stay in the industry regardless of the regulations the FDA may impose. Our old clean room was sufficient but as we grew it soon became too small. The new facility was constructed from scratch  with regulation in mind. It features two rooms, completely sealed off from the rest of the facility that are strictly for making e-liquids. This environment is completely controlled and filters the air regularly to reduce contaminants. Proper attire is required to enter to facility. This includes: Shoe covers, non-latex nitrile gloves, hair/beard covering, lab coat, and scrubs. With these steps in place the room has a very low amount of air particulates. This ensures we are offering a clean, well produced product free of outside contaminants.

We understand many vendors give little insight into their operation but we are taking the transparent approach to our business. The plan is to release a video of our facility within the next month to show our customers where their e-liquids are made. After all, it is all the of the support from you the consumer that has brought us to where we are now. Essentially, we built this for you to have peace of mind that we are taking a professional approach when creating your e-liquids!

Our very near future plans are;

  • Laminated labels with fixed nicotine strengths
  • Seasonal flavors
  • Offering other products online
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Faculty Tours


If you have any suggestions for VTA  please feel free to email us.







With all the juice companies comping to fruition it is important to know what care is taken when making your products. This is an industry with little regulation and people have taken advantage of the simplicity in starting this type of business. VTA has been operating since late 2013, and has seen many of the trends of products and hype that often leaves vapers feeling duped. We feel that

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