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Berserker Release

The Return of Berserker...

Most of you will have never heard of this blend because it was previously released at a Grand Opening and not on our online store. VTA has decided to release this blend across our retail and wholesale sites. At this time Berserker will be given as samples and is scheduled to be released the first week on November. For the official release date please subscribe to our newsletter to get the announcement as well as an exclusive discount and pre-sale opportunity available to subscribers only.

What is Berserker?

This is a true MAX VG, smooth as silk, Vanilla Bourbon Custard. Appropriately named Berserker because it will unleash mayhem on your taste-buds.

All orders from now until release date will receive a FREE 10ml sample bottle of Berserker in their orders. If you like it please let us know via email or social media. If you hate it, please keep your opinions to yourself ;P (kidding!)

Don't keep calm, Go BERSERKER! SKOL!